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Getting involved at Caracole is easy as pie

Get Involved - Caracole, Inc.

Have no money, but want to give?  Volunteer!

Have money and no time? Donate!

Looking for something fun to do?  Join us!  

Do you shop at Kroger? Register Your Card with Caracole!

How often do you amazon? Support Caracole with amazonsmile

Having a birthday party and don’t want any horrible gifts? Collect In-Kind donations for our clients instead!

Make your voice heard! It is time to end the stigma surrounding HIV. No one need be alone living with the disease. Until there is a cure, agencies like Caracole and individuals like you need to collectively continue to do the right thing and raise our voices to support those living with HIV and educate ourselves about the virus.

Our mission here at Caracole wouldn’t be possible without the generosity and selflessness of our supporters and friends. We are so lucky to have you and hope that you continue to support our clients.

To find out more information please contact Alana Miller, Director of  Community Investment Manager, at 513.619.1483 or



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