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Giving Tuesday Now

This Giving Tuesday, help us continue to be a force for health equity while honoring someone close to your heart in return.  

The spotlight on public health has never in our lifetimes shown brighter than over the last 20 months. The importance of clear and truthful information, access to quality healthcare, simple preventative measures and basic understanding of infectious diseases have risen to the forefront of international consciousness and we hope that they will remain there. Because, at Caracole, these are issues at the very heart of what we do.

Every day, we open our doors and strive to be a relentless force for health equity using that exact blueprint—sharing accurate information without judgement, providing basic preventative tools and creating pathways to expert medical care and medications in order to partner with our clients to provide better health outcomes for them and for our community.

The glare of the pandemic has not only illuminated the important parallels between the current situation and how we manage to carry out our mission, but also just how important our mission is. During the last year, our strength as a link in the safety net has truly been tested. Our expenditures for emergency rent, utility and mortgage assistance essentially doubled and our direct client financial assistance increased by 228% during the course of the year.  Unfortunately, there is no end in sight for these growing needs.

As someone who believes in our mission, you know the importance of focusing on public health. You know the challenges we are facing.  Every single thing we do at Caracole—from offering free HIV tests to our community, to finding housing for homeless clients, to providing access to medications for those struggling to afford them, is essential and only possible with your help.

HIV, AIDS, Ohio, southwest, Ohio


Free honor card with every $25 donation!

For each gift of $25, you may request an Honor Card for your family and/or friends. Donors who give $25 can select one Honor Card recipient and donors of $50 can select two Honor Card recipients, and so from there for every $25!

We have three ways to order Honor Cards to give to your family and friends.

Purchase online below [realized this is tricky Ellie--let's talk; we'll have to do JotForm or QGIV for this--can't do Paypal since we can't collect information that way]. 
Call us?
Stop by?

Honor Cards may be mailed directly from Caracole or shipped to you to send.

We need you more than ever.

Caracole is calling on you again to help us ensure that those living with or at risk for HIV have the resources they need.  Like homes.  Like access to medication. Like accurate information. We rely on donations to provide these safety net services. 

Today, if you are able, we are asking you to please consider a donation to help support our continued efforts for the HIV+ and at-risk communities. In the coming months, we anticipate even greater challenges and a continued heightened demand for our services.  With resources stretched quite thin, we need you more than ever. 

HIV, AIDS, Ohio, southwest, Ohio

Thank you for being a part of the Caracole family. We know that you receive many requests like this, and truly appreciate your consideration of ours.

Questions about your donation?
Please contact Ellie Singleton at or 513.619.1482.  

HIV, AIDS, Ohio, southwest, Ohio


Want to support Caracole, but don't want to send an honor card?

We welcome donations of all sizes to help us positively change lives in the fight against HIV/AIDS.
HIV, AIDS, Ohio, southwest, Ohio


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