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Needed Now
Needed Now



In Kind Donations

Personal care items like toothpaste or toilet paper cannot be purchased with SNAP/EBT cards. With the majority of our clients living with less than $15K a year, we collect donations of the items listed below to distribute to our clients in need. We are always looking for organizations and companies to conduct monthly, quarterly or one-time donation drives.

For those interested in donating these vital items to Caracole during this time of COVID-19—thank you!

Although we are currently working remotely with our clients, we know that many still depend on us for these resources. Our team is formulating a plan to get such products to those who need them.

Mailing donations directly to our office is not advised at this time—however we are finding new ways to ensure our clients’ needs are met!If you are interested in making a basic care item donation, please reach out to Ellie Singleton at to figure out the best plan for shipping or drop off. 

Right now, our pantry needs:

• Toothpaste
• Toilet paper *
• Deodorant
• Tissues
• Shampoo (for all hair types)
• Lotion
• Body wash
• Menstrual products
• Laundry detergent
• Household cleaning supplies
• Paper towels*
• Razors *
• Shaving Cream

*denotes high need items

You can also Purchase items from our Amazon wishlist. 


Needed Now - Kroger




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