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Safer Injection



How to choose a safer injection area:


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Remember to rotate sites regularly.

There are many things that we can do to take care of ourselves and reduce the risks associated with using drugs.

Avoid Overdose


  • Don't use alone if you can. If you are using alone, try a test shot or call someone—like Never Use Alone or the BRAVE app to connect, by voice, to a person who will stay on the call with you until you’re safe.
  • Test your drugs for fentanyl. Learn how to use a fentanyl test strip [video]
  • Remember the 4 S’s: SNORT, SMOKE or SLOWLY inject to SAMPLE a new batch.
  • Carry naloxone and know how to use naloxone [video]


Avoid Infections

  • Know where to inject—check out our Safer Injection quick guide.
  • Use new needles or clean them. Remember that insulin syringes develop a burr after a single use. New needles pierce, while old needles tear, which increases the risk of infection.
  • Use sterile water if possible to mix your drugs.


Avoid HIV and Hepatitis C

  • Have your own rigs and gear.
  • Use a clean needle for splitting drugs.
  • Use condoms and practice safe sex.


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